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simply a team of (b)right humans providing (b)right legal advice 



is about people. And we know people. But also the legal stuff. Private, strategic, JVs, multijurisdictional deals, buyouts, start-up investments, VCs, PEs. We devise structures and set up funds. We ensure merger clearance, and overcome foreign investment, tax, employment, or anti-bribery concerns.



Contract law, employment, compliance, public tenders, IP, IT, ICT, we have seen it all. And we go beyond, by developing training programs, dawn raid simulations, due diligence exercises and undertaking corporate health-checks.


banking & finance

We engage with lenders and borrowers in corporate/project finance, equity and debt securities transactions, and deal with credit portfolios, regulatory approvals and notifications. When the going gets tough, we help refinance, and arrange debt recovery, restructuring and workout exercises.


energy & infrastructure

Supporting investors in renewable projects, natural gas, power and oil, multi-commodity trading and sales, developing energy infrastructure and industrial assets. We assist public stakeholders in drafting primary and secondary legislation, perform impact assessments and compliance checks, provide technical assistance to governments, policy, procedures and capacity building, tendering concessions, E&P licences and complex infrastructure works.


beyond legal

We strategize, use cutting edge tools and tap into the global resources of our worldwide relationship firms to understand the implications of every choice our clients consider making.

Tena Tomek


Brasenose Oxonian. Tells it like it is. Her exceptional legal knowledge, true passion and creativity has inspired massive growth.

Josip Marohnic


Our most senior citizen has an eye on sealing a deal. With years in the business, Josip has seen it all. Not your average Joe.

Tonka Gjoic Tomic


As a results-oriented MVP, she’d made us what we are today. Has serious superpowers. We are still struggling to find a nut she could not crack.

Our Team

Ulica Ante Kovačića 3, Zagreb, Croatia